Dad’s Absolutely Adorable Baby Photo Shoot Gets Real Messy

Babies are unpredictable creatures. They can make us laugh, cry, feel incredibly powerful emotions — and they can make huge messes — all within a matter of minutes.
Case in point: Al Ferguson’s newborn son, Ted, who we first found on Mashable. Ted runs the daddy blog site called The Dad Network out of the United Kingdom, and in honor of his newborn baby boy he decided to take a beautiful photo of the adorable four-day-old in his arms.

What happened during the photo shoot, however, turned this cuddly cute pic into one of the “funny dad and baby photos” people spend hours looking up on Google.

But be warned — the picture can be a bit gross, so if you’re not into baby scat you may want to move on to another story.

Aww… super cute!


BAM! Baby’s got back!


Here’s what Ferguson told Mashable about the experience:

We had just taken the shot we wanted when I felt his tummy tense up and the explosion went off. I went through a whole host of thoughts. Firstly for the shaggy carpet, secondly my arm, thirdly sheer hysterics, fourthly what I should do with him and lastly more laughter.

I think we will blow it up big and put it on the wall in his nursery. It’s not every day you see a picture like this!

According to the website, Ferguson and his wife, Jen, live with baby Ted in Kent. U.K. photographer Kristy Grant is the photographer who shot the family photos. You can follow Ferguson for more daddy stories on The Dad Network, or via his Twitter account.