An Adorable Miracle — Panda Triplets Born in China Zoo

They may be the world’s first surviving panda triplets, and they’re being hailed as a “miracle.”

A mother panda named Juxiao recently delivered the triplets on the morning of July 29th in the Guangzhou’s Chimelong Safari Park. In the above video, there’s even some raw footage of Juxiao giving birth, which looks far less painless than human birth, as they pink baby pandas slide out of the birth canal like a water slide. Sorry for that image.

After giving birth, Juxiao was too exhausted to take care of her cubs, so they were put into an incubator while she regained her strength. They have since been brought back to their mother for feeding and are being attended to around the clock by a group of professional feeders.

The zoo released a statement saying that the trio are “the only panda triplets that have ever survived.” An official considered to be the foremost authority on pandas said they were too young to be considered as surviving, but acknowledged that they are the only known panda triplets alive today.

Chimelong Safari Park said the triplets “can be described as a new wonder of the world,” considering both how rare panda births are and how high their rate of mortality is.

It’s hard to argue with the Safari Park’s statement when watching the above footage. They hardly yet resemble the adorably chubby bears they’ll grow into, but the pink babies are still something worth admiring.