Teenage Girl Shot Dead by Homeowner After Playing Harmless Prank on Friend

Things took a turn for the worst when a group of teenagers in Little Rock, Arkansas, decided to prank a friend who previously played a practical joke on them.

According to police, the teenagers arrived at their friend’s house around 1am Saturday morning and proceeded to cover the vehicle in the driveway with toilet paper, leaves, mayonnaise, and other debris. Afterwards, they got into their own car and prepared to drive away.

That’s when their friend’s father, Willie Noble, 48, exited the house and began firing several shots at the car they were in–killing Adrian Broadway, 15.

Adrian BroadwayShe was shot in the head and later died in the hospital. The driver of the car was also injured with a gunshot wound to his arm, but was able to drive away from the scene and dispatch police.

He has since been treated and released.

“Apparently Mr. Noble’s teenage son had done a prank on some of the kids who were in the vehicle on Halloween Night. As a result they were doing a retaliation prank and it ultimately had deadly results,” said Lt. Sidney Allen of the Little Rock Police Department.

Khortaza Williams, 16, who was also in the car, explained that it was just supposed to be a joke.

“We was friends, we was gonna come over there and clean it up. It was supposed to be a prank. We were supposed to get up right now, and we were supposed to laugh,” Williams said.

Noble has been charged with one count of first-degree murder, one count of terroristic acts, and five counts of aggravated assault. His bond has been set at $1 million.