African Cocoa Farmers Taste Chocolate for the Very First Time and Absolutely Love It

A video featuring a group of cocoa farmers relishing the taste of their very first chocolate is going viral and for very good reason.

The Dutch public service broadcaster, VPRO, posted a documentary online, which shows a group of cocoa producers in the Ivory Coast who have not only have never tasted a finished chocolate product, but many of them don’t even know what their beans are used for.

So when the host of the show presents them with chocolate, it’s a very exciting experience for them.

It’s a great video with the head farmer, N’Da Alphonse, exposing more of his workers to the sweet concoction, describing it as the product made “by the whites” and explaining that “white people are addicted to it.”

Check out the clip above to see the farmers taste chocolate for the first time , and to find out why they had never before tasted the fruit of their labor.