This 28-Year-Old’s Rare Aging Disorder Makes Her Look Like a Grandmother

A 28-year-old woman is hoping to look more her age as she prepares for an upcoming cosmetic surgery aimed to help reverse her aging look.

Hu Juan suffers from a rare disorder that causes the afflicted to appear a lot older than their age. Cutis laxa affects only 10 people worldwide and is marked by a severe loss in skin elasticity in the facial area, causing young people such as Juan to look much older than they are. She is the only one in her hometown of Zhengzhou to have the disorder.

old-lady-aging-disorder-2-450X242The mother of two may not even be three decades old yet but she looks like someone well into her sixties. Juan’s condition set in after she gave birth to her first child 11 years ago. Since then, she has experienced a deep depression – one which robbed her of her ability to look into mirrors or leave the house, and even led her to attempt suicide at one point. Even her son is ashamed of her looks, which has caused a rift between mother and son, according to Daily Mail.

Juan’s husband, however, has stuck by her side through everything and is now hoping a team of plastic surgeons in Shanghai where the couple recently arrived can help his wife regain her youthful looks.