110-Year-Old Woman Shares Her Surprising Secret to Longevity

On August 1, 2015, Agnes Fenton celebrated her 110th birthday. Her secret to living such a long life? Beer and Scotch.

Five years ago, Fenton was interviewed by ABC News and shared the story behind her strange advice for longevity.

70 years prior, Fenton was diagnosed with a benign tumor. At the time, this had been her only major health problem up to that point, and her doctor gave her some highly unusual advice

He apparently told her that she must drink three bottles of Miller High Life a day.

Since that day, Fenton has been faithfully drinking her three bottles of beer and she even added her own twist to his ‘prescription’. She takes a shot of Johnnie Walker Blue Label to finish it off.

Now with her old age and decreased appetite, Fenton’s caregivers have weened alcohol out of her daily diet.

When asked how she lived so long, she also attributed it to her religion, saying, “Ain’t no secret, just keep in touch with God and do the right thing, that’s all I know.”

Fenton is now a supercentenarian. A rare accomplishment that only about one in every 10 million people achieve.