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9 Airbnb Horror Stories that Will Make You Think Twice About Renting or Hosting

Most people know about Airbnb and use it to save money on housing while traveling. However, these nine Airbnb horror stories have pushed both renters and hosts to think twice about trusting a stranger’s hospitality.

1. Mark King (Host) – His family home was used to house a drug-induced orgy. King received a phone call from his neighbors that a party bus filled with over 100 people were at one point at his home. When he arrived to his house, the cops were already there. They entered their home to see it completely trashed, with mayonnaise and barbecue sauce splattered across the ceiling and condoms clogged in the toilet.

Watch the walk-through of the house here:

2. Ari Teman (host) – He rented his space to a homeless convict who staged a wild sex party and used the home as a place to sell his body for sex. He also recorded a rap video in the house while waving weapons around.

3. Erica Beringer (guest) – Erica and her boyfriend rented a stellar house in Costa Rica, only to be welcomed to a house full of critters. Large ants and spiders would crawl all over the bedrooms and she claims to have showered with a frog. Her host made the couple a Costa Rican breakfast but when she went to put away her dishes, bugs were crawling all over the rice and beans.

4. Paul Kersbergen (host) – Paul rented his home out to a very shy and young German couple who never said a word. They proceeded to have extremely loud sex every day to the point where he neighbors would complain. The girl never flushed the shared toilet and when the couple left, they left their dirty sheets untouched.

5. Lisa Anderson (host) – Her guest told her that he was getting married the next day. What he didn’t mention was that he was planning on having his wedding in her backyard. Anderson woke up to a gazebo structure, guests, and caterers in her backyard, and had to awkwardly ask everyone to leave.

6. Julie Meyers (host) – She was hosting a female guest from Italy for three months so on the day of her arrival, she prepared a dinner for her. The guest threw up the meal and proceeded to tell Meyers she was a horrible cook. For the next three months, Meyers’ property was damaged, her dog poisoned, and she was threatened with bad reviews if she was unable to chauffeur her guest around the city for her errands. To top it all off, the guest poured red wine all over Meyers’ blankets on her last day.

7. Antonio Minuta (guest) – Antonio booked a room with his fiancee in Oakland for two weeks. His Ethiopian host was an alcoholic and would drink all throughout the day. He would get hammered most days and eat the couples’ food and blast music across the home.

8. Antonia Lim (host) – She rented her house to two Russian girls who were extremely unhygienic and irresponsible. Her guests left their underwear in open areas of the home and even left signs of her monthly period all over the bathroom. They would also leave most of the lights on and sometimes leave the cooker on high heat throughout the day.

9. Denise Painter (guest) – Denise booked an entire cabin for her second honeymoon in the Smoky Mountains. However, in the morning, traces of someone coming into the home and taking showers were left. At night, their host came to join the couple and indulge in their food and wine with them uninvited. They found out that the host rented out his entire house but was staying nearby in a tent because he needed the extra money.

Do you have a horrifying experience with Airbnb that tops any of these? Let us know.

Source: Quora

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