Smoke-Filled Airplane Makes Emergency Landing, Passengers Don’t React How You’d Expect

A JetBlue plane bound for Austin, Texas, had to turn around and make an emergency landing just 10 minutes after takeoff, the Associated Press reports.

Flight 1416, carrying 142 passengers and five crew members, experienced an engine failure shortly after departing Long Beach Airport. As smoke-filled the cabin, crew manually deployed the oxygen masks and the pilot announced that he was flying the plane back to Long Beach to land.

Those on board were evacuated onto the runway via the plane’s emergency slides, and no injuries were sustained. Three passengers were attended by medical personnel, and one was taken to the hospital for observation, according to airport spokeswoman Cassie Perez-Harmison.

One passenger onboard the flight, Dean Delbaugh, said he heard a pop and felt vibrations before smoke billowed from the vents and within seconds filled the entire cabin.

Raw footage shot by passengers shows a remarkable calm demonstrated by all during the emergency situation. No one seems to panic or cause undue disruption. Instead, they maintain level-headedness and following crew orders.

Check out the raw footage in the clip above.