ISIS Policewoman Does the Unthinkable to Breastfeeding Mom

If you thought that all ISIS fighters were men, think again. Not only are there ISIS policewomen, they are just as ruthless as their male counterparts. The all woman police squad is called the al-Khansaa Brigade and they act as the “moral police” in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa.

The latest news about what these ISIS women have done is a heartbreaking story about a woman who was trying to breastfeed her hungry baby inside her burqa. No one could see a thing while it was happening, but she was accosted by these policewomen for “violating public decency.”

“An ISIS policewoman took the baby, gave it to another woman, and then killed the mother,” Aisha, a former Raqqa resident now living Turkey, told the Sunday Times.

The mother was reportedly mutilated before she was murdered, according to ISIS-linked social media accounts.

In addition to this most heinous slaughter, the al-Khansaa Brigade is ISIS’s main moral police. They are known to dole out brutal beatings on citizens they deem to be behaving outside of their moral code. They also spy on citizens. These women are known to declare that children as young as nine should be married, women should obey men and remain veiled at all times. If a woman is seen without a burqa by one of these policewomen, her life is at risk.

A former Al-Khansaa enforcer, Umm Abaid, has spoken out about her role in this all-female police brigade in a recent Channel 4 documentary, Escape from ISIS:

“I went to school, to coffee shops… but slowly, slowly my husband [a Saudi Arabian ISIS fighter killed in a suicide bomb attack] convinced me about Islamic State and its ideas. I joined the brigade and was responsible for enforcing the clothing regulations. Anyone who broke the rules, we would lash. Then we would take her male guardian, her brother, father or husband, and lash him, too.  Even when I was off duty, if I was with my husband in the car and we saw a woman dressed wrong, he would stop and tell me to deal with her. I remember one woman walking with her husband wearing a robe with images on it. We arrested her and took her to the Al-Khansaa base. I lashed her with my own hands.”

The Al-Khansaa police force is nothing short of terrifying. They are the equivalent to Iran’s female Guardians of the Revolution on steroids. Unfortunately, they remain quite strong despite the bombings of ISIS forces.