Woman Posts Make-Up Free Photos on Tindr to See Men’s Reactions

Alexa Mitchell is a confident beauty vlogger who decided to experiment with her own kind of social experiment. She would put up a makeup-free selfie on Tinder and see how many other men would “match” with her.

She started with three au-natural selfies on her Tinder profile and “swiped right” 100 times. This basically means she is saying she is interested in these 100 guys.

She got 16 matches out of the 100 she swiped.

After that, she took the same exact phots she had posted, and retouched them through the app, Relook. She whitened her teeth, smoothed out her skin, clarified her eyes, and more.

She posted up the new, retouched photos onto her Tinder profile, and got rid of the old, natural ones. She then repeated the entire process, swiping right 100 times.

She ended up getting a whopping 73 matches.

She said to BuzzFeed, “I feel like the experiment shows that men who use dating apps like Tinder are more responsive to a cleaner, more flawless appearance, not necessarily heavier makeup and exaggerated features.”

Watch her video above to see the entire process. What do you think about the responses Mitchell gathered from her short experiment? Let us know down below.