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WATCH: Videos Show Possible Alien Base on the Moon

Alien expert and self-titled astrobiologist Scott Waring recently shared a photo on ET Database which he claims clearly shows multiple alien structures on the surface of the moon.

In a video posted on Youtube, Waring scrolls across an enhanced photograph from the Apollo 15 mission, and points out what could be a series of intricate and varied structures. The structures cover a wide area and range from what appears to be looming cylindrical towers to complex geometric compounds.

During the video, Waring postulates that each of these structures serves a different purpose, and that “they look like they are made by a culture not influenced by anything that we have.”

Waring points out so many structures that at times it is hard to keep up. At one point, Waring says the photo features so many alien structures that stating that ”there’s a hundred structures is limiting.”

Commentors on the video point out a number of anomalies in the photograph that Waring does not address. Some commenters claim to have spotted what could be UFOs hovering nearby the structures. Poster Darren Moore points out that there is “a big long ship just up and to the right” of one of the structures Waring identifies.

The photograph that Waring examines is of an area northeast of Tsiolkovskiy crater. The photograph and others like it are available at the Lunar and Planetary Institute website. Whether or not he believes this area of the moon is exceptional in regard to the number of alien structures located there, Waring did not say, but if it is indicative of the rest of the lunar surface then there could be hundreds, if not thousands, of these structures littering the surface of the moon.

Waring is an active member of the UFO research community. He runs two websites, and a Youtube channel dedicated to his research.

This is not the first time he has claimed to have located alien structures on the moon. Earlier this month, Waring posted a pair of videos in which he points a number of “white ceramic” structures.

In the first of these videos, Waring believes the majority of these structures are remnants of various vehicles, alluding to “cockpits” and what resembles the “traditional flying disc” of UFO lore. He describes these structures as long “abandoned,” and surmises that this area could be some type of “space dump.”

In another video, he also claims to have located a pyramid-type structure that “NASA does not want to talk about” in the Tsiolkovskiy crater itself. Waring claims “[t]he object is partly hidden in the shadows so you need to add light to it to see the rest of the structure.” This may explain why no one has noticed this particular structure before.

Given the prolific nature of Warnig’s recent research, it is safe to say he will be releasing more photographs in the future. Will have to keep an eye out to see what else this diligent researcher finds hidden in NASA photographs.

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