Meet the Alien Cat that Blew Up the Internet

Matilda is arguably one of the most famous cats in the world. While most felines gain their popularity through cute photos, Matilda has creating her loyal fan base in a different way. We can’t argue with the fact that is one adorable little kitty, but the thing that sets her apart from the other furry pets on social media are her huge alien-like eyes. She is now being called Alien Cat Matilda.

Matilda has always lived a happy life, but she didn’t always have her alien eyes. This tabby cat has developed a rare genetic eye disorder that has caused her to go completely blind.

Her owners who got her from a shelter realized her funky eyes when she was little and reached out to the rescue location. That’s when they found out that two of the other kittens in her litter have the same issue.

Finally, veterinary specialist determined that Matilda’s lenses in her eyes have detached. At first her owners noticed some discomfort, but after a few eye drops this kitty was playing, purring and pouncing around again.

Matilda’s parents set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for her medicine, eye drops and surgery which she will eventually need to have.