‘Alien Craft’ Caught on NASA Live Stream Before Feed Is Cut

Alien spotters are claiming that what you witness in the far right hand corner of the video above is an alien spacecraft. What you’re witnessing is the object zooming at an incredible speed past the International Space Station above the North Caspian Sea and Kazakhstan. Basically, the footage¬†is an official NASA video feed and people believe that once the strange sighting comes into view, NASA stopped the feed.

SecureTeam10 is the alien hunting group which first spotted the cigar-shaped object that you see in the video. They definitely think NASA is hiding information from us.

“This craft is moving so fast it only appears in one single, solitary frame,” a spokesman from SecureTeam10 said.¬†“What appeared to be a possible dust particle or meteor reveals itself to be a massive, cylinder-shaped craft.”

Some people are convinced these are aliens visiting earth and what you see is a dark alien craft caught by NASA. Others say it’s nothing but a space rock. Regardless of what they believe the object to be, most people are a bit suspicious as to why the footage is stopped after its appearance.

What do you think this object is? Let us know below.

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