All Aboard the Booty Cruise Full of Drunk Girls & Strippers

It’s a three-hour cruise for women only, filled with male strippers and alcohol. The boat ride is organized by the KDWB radio station and has become a phenomenon for both men and women. While it is called the booty cruise it is better known as the floating shit-show.

According to officials the cruise gets pretty out of control as the women get very rowdy and even fight over the male strippers. Between the drinks and lap dances the ladies seem to be getting a night they have always dreamed about, basically something you would see in an even dirtier version of Magic Mike.

The KDWB website has created various different photo albums, even one which is titled Drunk Messes, so without being able to resist we’ve rounded up the messiest of drunk messes from the 2015 Booty Cruise.