All Aboard the Cruise Ship that Doubles as a Traveling Apartment Complex

Imagine waking up in a different country? That is what over a hundred of people do, who live aboard The World Cruise Ship, almost every morning. The are residents living on a private cruise ship as it sails through different countries.

According to it’s website, at 644 feet it is the largest residential ship on the water. With over 165 homes it offers residents the unique experiencing of living in a┬áhome that travels to 150 destinations a year.

Potential renters have the option of living in a studio apartment, two bedroom apartment or three bedroom apartment. Here’s the catch the boat is designed to mimic what real life would be life. There is a meat market, swimming pool, gym, golf course, library, multiple restaurants, spa, cigar club, bar and tennis court.

This is definitely the ship of dreams!