All Hope Seemed Lost After a Mudslide Left Town in Ruins, Until Rescuers Found This (PHOTOS)

A devastating mudslide in Brazil left an entire town in ruins. Many residents of Bento Rodrigues were killed in the terrible disaster, and many others were left missing. Rescuers were doubtlessly weary after days of grim search as rescues increasingly turned into a recovery hunt instead.

However one day a little sliver of hope came in the form of one brave, tired little dog.

The canine had been swept up in the mudslide, but somehow had managed to survive.

She was found chest-deep in the thick mud.

Firefighters who came across her were able to free her from the mud, and even carried her to safety when she was too exhausted and weak to walk herself.
Reportedly hundreds of animals and pets have been rescued so far, and are being cared for by volunteers while they hope to one day reunite them with their human families.