Amanda Bynes Recorded Saying She Wants to Murder Her Family (AUDIO)

Yesterday, TMZ released an incredibly troubling recording of Amanda Bynes talking about her longing desire to slit her parents’ throats and wrists and burn down their home. Not to mention, she’d like to throw her father in a ditch because her parents won’t give her access to any money.

The recording was allegedly taken by Bynes’ roommates. After sharing the audio with members of her family, her roommates decided to post it on the Internet because it “could be a wake-up call for medical professionals to intervene and get her help.”

Her own parents have even given up on her, hoping mental health professionals can finally admit her and administer some form of treatment.

Although she stresses she wouldn’t actually carry out such horrendous things, it is still very, very disturbing and sad to hear her say them out loud.