PHOTOS: Aging Dogs Will Melt Your Heart

Kids, adults and pets grow up way too fast. However, when you’re living with someone and seeing them every day, it’s not easy to tell how much they’ve aged until you see a picture of them from the past.

Massachusetts-based photographer, Amanda Jones, took this idea and started a photography project that captured dogs in their youth and then again in their old age.

She is the owner of Lily the dachshund and as she saw the lifespan of her pup laid out before her in her photos, she was moved to do the same for other dogs. She wanted to share their story of aging through photographs.

This project took her about 20 years, during which she met up with and captured numerous different dogs. She then compiled all her photographs together and made a book called “Dog Years.”

In an interview with Today, Jones said,

“For me, it’s all about the eyes. Peering into those eyes several years later, I can still see that certain spark. The muzzle goes grey and the dogs get lumpy and jowly, but the soul is still the same. It amazes me.”

It’s hard to see someone aging and not feel a hint of remorse for them, but these pups are still just as cute as they once were.

Check out the slideshow to see how well these furry babies aged!

Photos: ViralThread