MMA Fighter Taps Out Instead of Sending His Opponent to the Hospital

Mixed martial arts, or simply MMA, is one of America’s fastest growing, and most brutal, sports.

At times, it can be absolutely barbaric.

We’ve all seen our fair share of MMA fights, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this!

These fights are typically all about blood sport, all about slugging it out and bringing the pain, which usually exposes fighters to extraordinary amounts of bodily injuries and brain trauma.

Instead of pummeling his opponent during a fight put on by the Prison City Fight League, flyweight Mike Pantangco tapped out in the middle of displaying his incredible athleticism.

Apparently, Pantangco decided to end the fight with Jeremy Rasner before things got even more intense and violent. Since neither of them were getting paid for the amateur bout, he didn’t feel like destroying his opponent.

Watch the video above.