AMAZING: 3D Printed Sugar Cubes Are Mind-Blowing

The reign of the sugar cube is at an end, thanks to The Sugar Lab at 3-D Systems.

3D Systems is the leading producer of the world’s latest invention lifted straight out of science fiction, the 3D printer, which, given the right programming, can print out virtually anything including a handgun. But who cares about guns when it can print out delicious sugar to sweeten our coffee?

Not only is sugar delicious, but in this case, it’s downright beautiful, as the 3D printer can evidently make all sorts of sugar art (sug-art?) from ornate wedding cake toppers to sugar cubes in the likeness of skulls. It’s all pretty stunning.

3D Systems introduced the ChefJet, a series of 3-D printers designed to help out in the kitchen by printing out edible creations. There are two models right now, both expected to be on the market before the year’s end. The printers will have many kinds of edible printing materials, complete with delicious flavors like watermelon, chocolate, sour apple, and cherry.  Beyond that, it can print savory foods like pasta and spinach into interesting shapes too.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the ChefJet of 3D printing in general, you can check out this NPR article. But not before you scroll through the amazing slideshow above!