AMAZING FOOTAGE: Astronaut Reid Wiseman Takes the First Vine Video in Outer Space

Vine videos, six-second clips that are repeatedly looped, are often just time-wasting attempts by people to become the next budding Internet celebrity.

This video-sharing service allows users to get a quick glimpse into someone else’s world, or, you know, share a video of their cat.

However, for astronaut Reid Wiseman, the artistry that goes into making a loop comes from the beauty of Mother Nature and the universe.

He just captured a sight that can only be seen from the International Space Station (ISS), by flying parallel to “the terminator line,” which is the location that separates day from night on our planet.

The video is high on emotion.

From this vantage point, you can observe the ISS making its 92-minute orbit around Earth. You can also see that the sun never truly sets.

Wiseman, a Maryland native, hasn’t just been sharing his experience aboard the Space Station on Vine since docking two weeks ago, he has been tweeting incredible photos as well.

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