18 Amazing iPhone Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

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Technology is amazing nowadays, we all know it, but even the most well known devices hold hidden depths and neat tricks.

Case in point: the iPhone. The most well-known of smart phones is programmed by the good folks of Apple with tons of features most of us aren’t even aware of. And so, we present, 18 amazing iPhone hacks.


Add Web Suffixes Fast

While typing in the search bar, hold down the “.” and a list of common web suffixes will pop up for you to choose from.


Turn Your Phone into a YouTube Remote Control

Go to YouTube.com/tv on your computer, and press “s” for search. You’ll see a unique code appear. Go to YouTube.com/pair on your iPhone and enter the code. You now have a handheld controller for YouTube.


Customize a Vibration Pattern

Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration > Create New Vibration.You’ll be able to tell who’s calling or texting you by vibration alone.


Make Your iPhone Read Texts Aloud

Open the settings app. Choose General, tap Accessibility, then turn on Speak Selection. Choose between a wide array of accents and voices. Highlight the text and tap the “Speak” button in the pop-up window.


Use a Bluetooth Keyboard to Type

It works with any keyboard and turns your iPhone into a miniature laptop.


See the Timestamps for Your Texts

Just swipe your finger to slide the texts to the side.


Open Your Camera from the Lock Screen

Slide up on the camera icon beside the unlock bar.


Use Your iPhone as a Level

Just swipe left on the compass screen.


Save Power and Help Your Phone Charge Faster

Just turn on airplane mode in the “Settings” app.


Use the Maps App Without Internet

Plan ahead for a vacation by going to your “Maps” app when you still have internet. Go to the area you want to save, and type “ok maps” in the search bar.


Backspace on the Calculator App

If you use the Calculator app often, swipe right on the numbers to erase an accidental zero without starting over.
Turn On Guided Access While Children Use Your iPhone

Guided Access lets you block certain apps and stops the user from accidentally deleting items.


Invert Colors to  Browse at Night

Less strain on your eyes! Go to settings, then general, then accessibility. Turn on “Invert colors.”


Hit the Space Bar Twice to End a Sentence

Your phone will automatically add a period and capitalize the first letter of your next word.


Shake Your Phone to Undo Typing

Just shake it and this screen will pop up to erase your mistakes.