Amazing Photos of a 182-Year-Old Tortoise in 1902 and Now

Meet Jonathan the Tortoise who, at the ripe old age of 182, is still up and about. The rare Seychelles Giant resides on the island of St. Helena and it is believed he may be the oldest living tortoise in the world.

His age does come with some complications — he is close to being blind from cataracts and has no sense of smell. Fortunately, he can hear pretty well.

Records show Jonathan was brought to the island of St. Helena in the late 19th century around 1882. A photo of him as an adult in 1902 indicates he could have been born in 1832 because it takes 50 years for a giant tortoise to reach adult size.

Giant tortoises can live to be 250, so Jonathan’s caretakers are dedicated to helping him extend his time on earth. Tourists who come and visit are told not to make a lot of noise and children must be watched carefully. There are plans in place to put up a new fence to keep Jonathan safe as he gets older.

According to, when Jonathan dies his shell will be preserved and will go on display in St. Helena.