Amazing Sand Drawings that Will Blow Your Mind

Some art is not meant to last.

And in the case of these sand drawings, their lifespan depends on the tide, as well as the rest of Mother Nature’s elements.

Using no measuring aids, artists Jim Denevan and Andres Amador, create amazingly enchanting geometric sand sculptures with little more than a rake, a few sticks and their own hands and feet. Their medium of choice? Sandy beaches at low tide. Sometimes, these sand canvases can span miles up the coast and take many hours, or even days to craft.

This means that timing is essential if a design is to be completed before the ocean creeps further up the shoreline.

Once the tide rolls in and washes away the designs, they only exist in photographs or memories. The brief lifespan of this type of land art, its fleeting existence, seems to be what makes it so precious.

Many artists, like Denevan and Amador, meticulously document the creation process with aerial and ground photographs and videos, so that a record of their work endures.

How these artists work with precision on such enormous scales is beyond us, but each one is most definitely a lesson in the impermanence of all things

Jim Denevan, the founder and organizer of Outstanding in the Field (worldwide moveable feast), is a land artist at heart. When he isn’t throwing extravagant one-night-only dinner parties, the majority of his time is spent surfing in Santa Cruz or drawing patterns into the earth and photographing them before they succumb to nature’s energy.

Andres Amador is a San Francisco-based artist who creates large scale eco-paintings in the sand with a simple rake. Some of his work spans over 100,000 square feet.