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Amazon Will Send Packages You Haven’t Even Ordered Yet

If you’ve ever bought an item online, you know the wait you have to endure after placing an order isn’t exactly fun. After all the research you may have put into making the decision, finding the best deal and then finally hitting the “complete payment” button, all you want is to have your hands on your purchased item. But it can take days, even weeks to finally have that item in your possession.
But if a new idea Amazon is working on comes to life, you may not have to wait nearly as long. In fact, they may already be getting ready to send you your item, even if you haven’t exactly made a purchase.
Stay with us here. No, you’re not going to start receiving random shipments of items you don’t even want. According to a December patent, the retail giant would rely on a speculative system that sends out goods to specific geographical area. Once someone in that area makes a purchase that matches a package in a nearby shipping hub, the item is then redirected to that customer.
How will they know what to send and where? According to the Wall Street Journal, the system would analyze customer data such as purchasing history, product searchers, wish lists and shopping cart contents.
The patent filing, which Amazon applied for in August 2012 and got an approval for on Christmas Eve 2013, explained the system thusly: “According to one embodiment, a method may include packaging one or more items as a package for eventual shipment to a delivery address, selecting a destination geographical area to which to ship the package, shipping the package to the destination geographical area without completely specifying the deliver address at time of shipment, and while the package is in transit, completely specifying the delivery address for the package.”
Check out the video above for more info, and to see a complete copy of the patent, click here.

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