America’s First Cat Cafe Is Open for Business

The first cat cafe in the US opened its doors on Saturday in Oakland, Calif.

The Cat Town Cafe, located at 2869 Broadway in downtown Oakland, hopes to allow many more shelter cats and kittens to find homes while providing guests with refreshing lattes and rejuvenating feline playtime.

Guests at the cafe can pay for an hour of playtime with the adoptable cats along with their morning pick-me-ups. Similar cat cafes are popular venues internationally, but Cat Town is the first to jump the administrative hurtles and health regulations required to open in America. It’s likely similar cafes will follow in its footsteps, as one is already in the works in nearby San Francisco.

Cat Town is open for walk-ins, but for a $10 donation, you can also make a reservation to play in their “Cat Zone.”

And now, what you all came here for: adorable pictures of the kitties (courtesy of Yelp).

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