America’s Smartest College Students Hail From…

Each person thinks alma mater harbors the smartest college students in America, but that’s not necessarily true — unless, of course, you went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In that case, you’re correct.

At least that’s what a new study from the cognitive training site, Lumosity, suggests. Dr.Daniel Sternberg and his team noticed that the various national and global rankings universities receive are based almost completely on standardized test performances and information about school resources, such as graduation rates and student-to-faculty ratio. They wanted to rank colleges on a different scale and see which institute really has the smartest individuals.

Measuring intelligence based on various cognitive skills – including attention, memory, speed of processing, problem solving, and flexibility – the scientists tested over 60,000 individuals hailing from 400 different colleges and universities. The participants played games to determine which school produced the highest results in the different categories.

The category rankings broke down as follows: Dartmouth College had the highest attention results, while students from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology did best with memory. Harvard performed best in the area of processing speed, and Yale produced the highest scores for the flexibility category. MIT was the overall winner and had the best problem solvers as well.

MIT is no stranger to ranking high on best-of-school lists and even earned the top spot on the QS World University Rankings list this year.

We have the top 15 schools listed below. To find out where your school ranked, viewsLumosity’s complete study here.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2. Harvard University
3. Stanford University
4. Northwestern University
5. Yale University
6. Washington University in St Louis
7. Dartmouth College
8. Wellesley College
9. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
10. Duke University
11. College of William and Mary
12. University of Pennsylvania
13. University of Portland
14. University of California-Berkeley
15. Vanderbilt University

Feature Image: Yahoo Finance/Thinkstock