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America’s Spookiest, Scariest Haunted Restaurants

It’s nearing Halloween time and everyone is getting into the spirit of the spooky season. While it’s fun to visit theme parks and haunted houses at this time of the year, what we find even more fun and daring is to visit actual haunted places. Food and Wine just put out a list of restaurants that are said to have ghosts and other worldly beings roaming around the vicinity, and plenty of reported sightings and incidents to boot. Even if you don’t believe in this kind of stuff, we think it’s still fun and interesting to read about it. With that, here are six spooky restaurants and hotels across the nation that may serve up more than just your ordered meals.

Image: Stanley Hotel

1. Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, CO)
Resident paranormal investigator Callea Sherrill remembers her first encounter with the other worldy inhabitants happened in Room 407 of this Colorado hotel. She heard footsteps in the hall while in the room with her friends. “They stopped outside the door” she recalls “I waited for a knock, but nobody knocked. Just then I felt someone sit down next to me on the bed—I even saw the mattress dip.” Sherrill believes one of the nannies who used to be employed on the fourth floor was with her that night. Similar stories of nannies at work have been reported many times…occasionally they’ve been reported to tuck guests into bed.
A stay at this hotel also inspired Stephen King to write his spooky, horror novel The Shining.

Image: Courtesy of Hotel del Coronado

2. Hotel del Coronado (San Diego, CA)
You may recognize this beachfront hotel from 1959’s Some Like it Hot and it might have also be the inspiration for Emerald City in L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but according to hotel historian Christina Donovan, it is also the place where a young woman by the name of Kate was scorned by her lover. In 1892, Kate arrived at the hotel to meet up with a man, but he was a no show. The morning after Kate was found at the hotel’s steps with a bullet in her head. Today, guests say her tall, statuesque ghost has a tendency to toss objects towards guests or to peer out to the sea, perhaps still waiting for her lover to finally show up.

Image: Tom Bean/Alamy

3. Hotel Monte Vista (Flagstaff, AZ)
Want to have the ghost of a lady in a rocking chair chat with you in your room? That’s what you might get if you stay in Room 305 of this Arizona hotel. But don’t be scared. Front-desk employee Chelsea Green assures “She’s nice. She’ll just sit there and talk to you,” which is what she told one of the visiting guests – A big burly Los Angeles biker who was so spooked by the incident , he slept on the couch in the lobby of the hotel. Also, guests in another room have reported hearing phantom knocks and a voice that calls out “Room service!” with no one at the door.

Image: Randall Brown

4. Beardslee Castle (Little Falls, NY)
This New York restaurant, which was on the TV show Ghost Hunters last fall, has rumors of ghosts shattering glasses, moving objects and closing doors. Norm Gauthier, a ghost hunter from the New Hampshire Institute for Paranormal Research, checked out the property in 1983, and confirmed the presence of two spirits within the castle walls. The ghosts are believed to be those of Anton “Pop” Christensen, the former owner who hung himself in the ladies’ room in the 1950s and Abigail, a bride-to-be who died on the eve of her wedding. In 1989, a fire that broke out in the castle is believed to have been started by the ghosts rebelling against all the attention.

Image: Courtesy of Catfish Plantation Restaurant

5. Catfish Plantation (Waxahachie, TX)
This Cajun restaurant, housed in a Victorian House is known as “the most haunted restaurant in Texas” and is said to have multiple ghosts present within it. One of them is of Caroline, a former resident who died in 1970. Tom and Melissa Baker, owners of the place in the 1980s, reported discovering a pot of coffee brewing one morning and on another morning they found teacups stacked in the middle of the floor. No one else has the keys to the restaurant. In addition, others have reported witnessing the apparition of a bride standing by the window.

Image: Sara Essex

6. Muriel’s (New Orleans, LA)
If you visit this Jackson Square restaurant in New Orleans, you’ll have a choice to sit in all but one table. This unavailable spot is freshly set every night with bread and wine for Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan, a previous owner of the property who had a gambling problem that led to his unfortunate end. In 1814 he lost his house in poker game and instead of giving up his residence, he gave up his life when he committed suicide on the second floor. The Séance Lounges upstairs in the restaurant are where Mr. Jourdan is reported to spend most of his time today knocking on walls, but the staff has also given reports of glasses flying from behind the bar and shattering against the far brick wall three times since 2001.To check out the whole list, click here.

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