WATCH: They Were Just Seconds Away from Catapulting to Their Death

Theme park rides put us all in an exhilarating, and scary, place of extreme fear and excitement. That place where our nerves overcome us and everything we are afraid of fades to the background as nerves and adrenaline take over.

For two people their excitement turned to terror as they found themselves just seconds away from catapulting to their death.

Carrie Sueker and Trevor Larson decided to ride “The Catapult,” which shoots those who dare to ride it into the sky via bungee cords.

Nearby their families watched and recorded as Carrie and Trevor got strapped in, making funny comments. Next thing you know, right as the ride is about to take off, two of the bungees snap and smash to the ground breaking the concrete.

Luckily, both Carrie and Trevor were safe! The amusement park gave both their families their money back, and paid for their overnight stays. They were even kind enough to offer them another ride, but they kindly declined.

This is definitely a freak amusement park accident.