One Ecstasy Pill Changed This Girl’s Life Forever

She was only 16-years-old at that fateful party in June. Little did she know that this was going to be one of the last parties she’d probably ever attend. Amy Thomson took only one pill of ecstasy (MDMA) with three of her friends, and soon all four girls (15, 17 and 18) were admitted to the hospital.

According to the Daily Record, a man and two women were later arrested on alleged drug offenses in relation to the incident.

Soon, the other three girls were able to leave the hospital, but Amy remained in critical condition and on life support for several weeks.

Once she began to gain consciousness, Amy was moved to a neuro rehabilitation center where she has been progressing. A  video of the recovering teen was recently posted to social media showing the shocking visual, mental, and physical changes in the formerly healthy young woman. In the short clip, Amy struggles to let out the words as she thanks everyone for their support.

Amy Thomson’s story is proof that one pill can change a life forever.