WATCH: Beautiful Video of an Old Man and His Hummingbird Friend

Typically, hummingbirds lead very solitary lives, only gathering with other hummingbirds to feed or to mate.

But the hummingbird in the video above seems to have taken a liking to an elderly Brazilian man — or simply his nectar feeder. João Silvestrini’s hummingbird visits him daily in his home.

All the man has to do is call out to the bird from a window in his kitchen and it suddenly comes to greet him. How beautiful!

It has been said that these birds are incredibly smart. They are capable of memorizing every flower in their territory, and also where every feeder is located, even along their migration path.

Hummingbirds are some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet, always in search of the most sugary flowers and nectar. If anything, by observing them, we are reminded to seek out the sweetest aspects of life and to be in tune with nature.

Here’s a loose translation of what Silvestrini says in the clip:

“Come to me. Get close the camera. Let’s talk. You are being filmed. He likes my finger. Thats right, come on. This is the young bird. The mother brought him to the window and left him and now he comes to the window and flies around calling me. He has been calling me for about half an hour this time. Then I uncover the feeder and he comes and eats. He will keep flying around until I come and invite him in.”

Watch the video above.