WATCH: Genius Dogs Taught How to Drive Car — See Porter the Dog Go!

There’s a new campaign in Auckland, New Zealand to prove that rescue dogs are smart and worthy of adoption. For the past two months, animal trainer Mark Vette has been teaching dogs to drive with minimal guidance from humans.

All three newly trained drivers are shelter dogs: Monty, a Giant Shnauzer; Ginny, a whippets cross; and Porter, a Beardie cross.

“Driving a car demonstrates to potential rescue dog adopters that you can teach an old dog new tricks,” says Christine Kalin of the SPCA (New Zealand’s version of the ASPCA).

All three shelter dogs trained for several weeks before getting behind the wheel of a Mini Countryman car that’s been specially modified to fit the build and needs of canines.

Next week, Porter, Vette’s star pupil will take the car for a spin—completely unassisted.

Watch the video above to see the pup go for a spin with minimal human supervision.