Angry Circus Elephants Rampage, Flip Parked Cars and Worse (Video)

A terrifying new video of three rampaging elephants shows the darker, dangerous side of the usually-lovable pachyderms. The elephants in the video are a part of a circus in Denmark, which has an annual tradition of taking the elephants down to the local beach to cool off and frolic in the water. What happens next will make you think twice about allowing a circus to keep elephant acts.

The footage shows the trio—named Lara, Jenny, and Jungla—becoming agitated after eyewitnesses say one of the circus workers struck an animal.

The angry elephants flip out and go on a rampage that left bystanders injured and cars damaged.

The elephants dig their tusks into the cars, roll the cars over, and even toss the cars around—almost effortlessly—in a display of brute force.

At least one woman was knocked to the ground during the incident.

According to The Mirror, the circus has not taken responsibility for the mishap. Instead they say that people shouldn’t have been standing so close, and that the cars weren’t supposed to have been parked there at the time.

The Mirror reported:

“[The circus] insisted people should have kept their distance and the cars that were damaged should not have been parked where they were.

Circus director Benny Berdino said that spectators were too keen to get up close to the elephants.

The circus has vowed that they will continue with the annual tradition, but next year they will work with police to ensure no people get hurt and the path is cleared for the elephants.”

See the terrifying video below.

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