Animal Activists Make Heartbreaking Discovery in Dumpster

WARNING: Do not watch this video if you are easily disturbed by animal cruelty.

Many people don’t know the kind of cruelty that goes on in egg hatcheries. It’s actually rare to even hear about what is done to approximately 200 million male chicks every year.

Due to the fact that males grow too slowly and cannot be used a a “meat bird,” they are often killed in the most horrific ways.

Called maceration, the industry standard is to dump them into massive grinders while still alive, gas them, or throw them into trash bags and leave them to suffocate on the day they’re born.

In the hard to watch video below, Ohad, a vegan Israeli animal rights activist, and his friends visit a egg hatchery and make a very heartbreaking and disturbing discovery.

As they approach a dumpster, they suddenly begin to hear loud chirping coming from inside. At first, it just looked like a bunch of empty shells. But they soon discovered that countless hatching baby chicks were thrown away to die.

You’ll never look at eggs the same way after watching this.

“One of the most shocking scenes from the 80-minute viewing was when Ohad and group of friends surrounded a large…

Posted by Life according to Ohad on Sunday, July 12, 2015