STUNNING PHOTOS: Animal Eyes at Extreme Close-Up — Can You Guess Which Is Which?

We’ve established before the beauty of the human eye viewed in extreme closeup, and now we’ve found a collection of macro close-up photographs of animal’s eyes that rival our own, and then some.

Photographer Suren Manevylan knows the beauty and variety of wildlife optics all too well, as he’s created many series of photographs to showcase just that. His latest may be his best yet, covering a wide variety of animals — many of them sea creatures and reptiles who have eyes that are just plain freaky.

We decided to arrange our slideshow as a bit of a game — view the eye photo and guess which animal the eye belongs to before clicking to the next slide for the answer. How many can you get right?

Manevylan works as a photographer between teaching classes in physics, math, geometry, and astronomy at the Yerevan Waldorf School. He’s careful not to harm or capture any of the animals he photographs.

For more of his stunning work, you can visit his website or Facebook.