Lumberjack Uses Heavy Machinery to Free Wild Bear Stuck Inside a Milk Can

One of the first things they teach you in any First-Aid class is to always inspect an area of incident before you try to help someone who is injured or in danger. In other words, even if you’re trying to be helpful in an emergency scenario, don’t blindly put yourself in harm’s way because that won’t do anyone any good and likely just cause a bigger problem.

That’s the approach one lumberjack took when he noticed a bear out on a farm had managed to get its head stuck inside a milk can. While such a sight would prompt most anyone to try to help, these guys were smart enough to know it’s not a good idea to approach a bear in distress.

But they couldn’t let it suffocate either, so they came up with a creative solution: to use a forwarder to remove the can from the bear’s head.

Watch as the guys carefully approach the bear, which understandably appears to be completely freaked out, and manage to release the bear from the can’s grip. We’re so glad nothing went wrong and no one involved, including the bear, was injured.

Check out the animal rescue video above.