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Woman Dies, Meets Dead Father & Comes Back — See What She Learned

Photo: Anita Moorjani

Anita Moorjani was expected to die at any moment while at the end stage of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She was being cared for at home on February 2, 2006 and didn’t wake up. She fell into a coma, and her doctors told her husband that she was nearing the end of her life.

In a last ditch effort to turn things around, she was rushed to the hospital where she was given a cocktail of medications, nourishment through tubes, and oxygen. As the doctors worked to make her more comfortable and her family visited her in the hospital, something profound happened.

She was able to see both the doctors and her family members. She could also hear their conversations both inside and outside of her room. At one point, her husband stepped out to discuss her case with her doctors. They stood about 40 feet from her hospital suite and somehow she could see and hear everything.

Of course, from the scientific point of view this was impossible. She was in a coma, but apparently her soul was very much there. As she watched them, something else unimaginable occurred. She “crossed over” to another dimension.

Moorjani explains that she was immediately engulfed by love and realized she was surrounded by spiritual beings. She then saw her father and her best friend, both of whom had passed away. As she was in their presence, many things were revealed to her about the way she had been living life and had been continually denying her true self. Her culture and life experiences had led her down a road that saw her become a people pleaser, hypochondriac, and completely fearful of life itself. Her thought processes and continual denial of herself had made her deathly ill.

At one point it was made very clear to her that she had to make the choice as to whether she would continue to live on earth or move onward towards death.

Her best friend (who had died of cancer two years earlier) instructed her, “You have come to the edge. This is as far as you can go. Now go back and live your life fully and fearlessly.”

With blaring clarity, she reentered her body and was fully aware as to why she had cancer and what she needed to do to recover. “I realized we create our own heaven or hell here on earth, and I learned the key ingredients for creating my own heaven on earth!”

Her doctors, family members and friends were shocked when Moorjani’s body completely did a 180-degree turn and began to miraculously heal. Within a few days, she was well enough to talk and began sharing what had happened with her family members. They were surprised to discover that she could recall their conversations (both inside and outside of her room) and what she had been told by loved ones who had died.

After making a full recovery, Moorjani shared her near death experience, which was discovered by the late Wayne Dyer. He then paved the way for her to publish a book entitled Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing.

So what’s in this for you? If you find yourself asking this question, the answer is EVERYTHING.

There are five lessons that Moorjani says every human being needs to learn and apply to their lives for true healing and abundance.

1. LOVE is the most important thing. Yes, you’ve heard this time and time again. But have you really thought deeply about what this means? It doesn’t equate to simply walking around like the Pope and kissing everyone’s heads or trying to give every part of your being to those you meet along the way. It means you need to begin with yourself.

Look for the beauty within your soul and be content with who you are. We human beings are brought into this world by flawed parents and then are shoved out into the world to make the most of what we’ve been given. It’s so easy to dislike your mind, body and soul based on your perception of what is “acceptable” or “excellent.” We think we’re too fat, too dumb, too ordinary and not worth loving.

In return for our limited self-love, we are continually placing ourselves in harm’s way or in less than positive circumstances. We get sick. We ride a never ending rollercoaster that can only stop when we choose to get off for good.

Moorjani realized that she didn’t need to dislike herself. Instead, she was born to be a unique, magnificent person who wasn’t required to continually give away her power. “Never give up your power,” she recently told First to Know.

Learning to love yourself is a process and may take some radical moves on your part. Spend time with yourself, enjoy quiet time, and make an inventory of what makes you uniquely you.

In Moorjani’s case, she realized that she needed to let go of some friendships and even move to another city. It was vital that she didn’t allow herself to fall into old patterns.

2. Fear is the root of suffering. Moorjani realized that prior to her near death experience she was living in fear, and as result her greatest fears came to life. After her best friend died of cancer, she became plagued with fear that she too would become sick — and that she did.

“You have choices,” explains Moorjani. “You can either choose to make decisions out of love or fear. If you choose fear, you will reap the consequences.”

For example, if you choose to enter a relationship out of fear of being alone, poor, or unloved, you may wake up one day realizing you have no clue as to why you chose your partner.

Likewise, if you choose a job because you’re fearful of not having enough money, it is very likely you aren’t following your true passion. Instead of fearing, when you dare to follow your passion and true talents, doors may open wide for you.

3. Humor and laughter are essential. On her road to recovery, Moorjani realized she needed to laugh at life more and find a new sense of joy. The things she thought were major issues, didn’t seem as important anymore. She was free.

Each and everyday find reasons to be grateful, happy and dare to laugh your head off.

4. Life is a gift. It’s no secret to any of us human beings that we take life for granted. We keep thinking that tomorrow we will do what we said we’d do yesterday. Instead of jumping up and going on a walk or traveling, or working on our passions, we sit around and live “ordinary” existences.

Moorjani had to be taken to the brink of death to realize that each and every moment is precious. She is now daring men, women, and youth to embrace the now and dive into their lives.

5. Be yourself against all odds. Moorjani has been very clear about the fact that her denial of her authentic self drove her into sickness. Being yourself requires that you master loving yourself.

It’s about time that we drown out the negative voices that ring through our minds moment by moment.

No two human beings on planet earth are the same, and this is for a reason! And yet, we try so hard to be like everyone else. This is all so silly and it’s driving the world insane.

Moorjani is very clear about one thing — making the commitment to be true to herself saved her life. While staring into the eyes of her deceased best friend and father on “the other side,” she knew that she was made perfect — perfectly herself.

Want to dive further into Anita Moorjani’s experience? Give her TEDx talk a watch:

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