114-Year-Old Has to Lie About Age to Join Facebook

Anna Stoehr, a 113-year-old woman created a Facebook account with false information in a way we’ve never seen before. She had to shave 15 years off her age in order to join!

Stoehr, who is Minnesota’s oldest resident, was born in 1900, but that wasn’t an option.

Since the earliest birth year you can choose is 1905, she chose the fake age of 99 in order to play around on the social network, according to KARE 11.

After befriending a Verizon sales rep, the savvy granny is all about the latest tech.

While lying about your age is a violation of Facebook’s terms and conditions, Stoehr probably won’t be getting the boot anytime soon.

She even wrote a letter to founder Mark Zuckerberg, telling him “I’m still here!”