7 Most Annoying People You Meet On an Airplane

On most lengthy flights, you hope for a couple of basic factors—an emergency row for extra leg-room and a buffer seat between you and other passengers.  However, after the flight crew announces a full flight, you know the inevitable will happen—that glorious empty seat next to you will be taken. Some unknown person will occupy that space.

Since you’ve lost the opportunity for a personal bubble all you can really do after that is avoid eye contact, and hope you don’t get stuck with one of these seven annoying people as your seatmate.

YouTuber Jason Horton has compiled this hilarious video of the seven most annoying people you meet on a plane. Whether it’s the paranoid first-time flier, the talkative over-sharer, or the dreaded sleepyhead—who takes a nap on your shoulder, and drools—none of these folks are the ideal travel partners.

Let’s just say that if an oxygen masks deploy, we’re definitely listening to instructions and putting ours on first.

The video was posted to Horton’s YouTube channel, where he creates and shares a variety of comedy sketches and advice videos.

Check out the video above and remember—if you haven’t met one of these people on a plane, you probably are that person.