Another Kid Got Stuck Inside a Claw Toy Machine (Video)

According to ABC News, little 18-month-old Colin Lambert managed to climb up into a toy claw machine at a laundromat in Maryville, Tennessee, while his grandma was busy glancing at her cell phone “for just a moment.”

Luckily, the fire department was called to the scene and quickly retrieved him. Of course, his loving grandmother made sure to take a few necessary photos first.

“I took a bunch of photos,” Diane O’Neill, 62, told ABC News. “As long as he was okay, it was funny. He thought it was fun, like, ‘Look what I can do. I’m clever.’ He was smiling until he wanted to get out, and then he became unhappy.”

His rescuers opened up the machine and pulled him out, but not before giving him a plush toy as a prize for being so adventurous.

Kids getting stuck in claw toy machines actually happens more than you’d imagine.

Back in April, police in Lincoln, Nebraska, reported that the search for a missing three-year-old boy ended at a bowling alley, where he was found playing with stuffed animals inside a claw machine.