Angry Woman Caught on Tape Attacking Anti-Abortion Teenagers

On Wednesday, a distraught woman was caught on camera giving members of Created Equal, a movement that employs some in-your-face tactics to expose the truth about abortion, a piece of her mind outside the state house in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

She probably could have stood by and cursed at the anti-abortion protestors all day long, but Victoria Duran’s profanity-laced opinions became an issue when she decided to go toe-to-toe with one of the protesters, kicking over two displays of aborted fetuses and shoving another protester who was filming the incident.

In the process, Duran was yelling, “You’re just a white f***ing privileged racist f***ing male who doesn’t stand for women’s rights!”

She also shouted the words, “No uterus, no right to talk about it! Understand, motherf***er?”

After fleeing the location where the group was demonstrating, the woman was tracked down by a couple bicycle cops right after boarding the bus.

She was later charged with assault and criminal damaging.

While being interviewed about the dispute, she told reporters how she felt about the charges against her.

“Assault?” she responded. “I wouldn’t necessarily say shoving them aside and telling them to keep the camera out of my face as assault.”

While the First Amendment may protect them from being hassled by the government, “it doesn’t protect them from people just basically telling them they’re idiots,” Duran told told WSYX. “The First Amendment protects them from government interference; it doesn’t protect them from people just basically telling them they’re idiots.”

Created Equal is known for using shock-value strategies to tug at heartstrings and disturb its viewers.

“It’s very rational political behavior. There is survey data to suggest that when people see these images, it does affect how they view the viability of the fetus,” said Thad Hall, a political scientist at the University of Utah and author of a recent book on abortion politics.

These protesters believe that since the preborn cannot speak for themselves, somebody’s got to do it.