Your Apple Laptop Is Vulnerable to a Data-Stealing Virus That Can’t Be Removed

A security expert has managed to create the Citizen Kane of computer viruses: a malicious code called Thunderstrike, which uses a tiny chip installed on all Apple laptops to resist any attempt to remove it. Think you can just replace the entire hard drive? Thunderstrike laughs at your pathetic optimism.

The news gets worse: the virus is new, so security softwares won’t detect it, and an attacker need only gain access to your computer for a moment or two to install it.

Trammell Hudson, who released this monster upon the world, told the Telegraph he discovered the virus when his employer, New York hedge fund Two Sigma Investments, asked him to look into the security for Apple laptops. He only had to get access to the boot ROM, responsible for getting the computer up-and-running when first switched on, and circumvent a few security measures, allowing him to write whatever code he wanted.

This is disconcerting news for Apple lovers, considering the company’s products often claim to be virus-immune.

Basically, a disgruntled computer geek can install a irremovable, undetectable virus on your laptop that will do whatever he programs it to do. The good news is the would-be hacker needs direct access to your laptop.

Next time you’re typing away at Starbucks and have to use the restroom, maybe just bring your laptop with you. For more information on the virus and how it could affect you in the future, read the full article here.