Are Animal Masks the Wild New Wedding Trend?

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and an animal mask for the two?

Yep, the newest trend for non-conventional couples is donning animal heads for their big day. From huge rubberized horse heads to plastic tiger or bunny masks, brides and grooms are celebrating their “I dos” in a wild new way. And it isn’t just the couples. Those in the wedding party as well as guests get in on the action.

If you’re wondering, this isn’t just about throwing on a mask for a couple of dances to have fun. The couples have their engagement and wedding pictures shot in their animal forms, to make sure the memories last forever.

And that’s exactly what worries us. These pictures will last for like EVER. And while we’re all for doing what you want on your day, our concern is that the trend will die and when these couples look at their otherwise loving and sweet pictures 10, 20, 30 years from now, they will be filled with regret at the choice. Of course a few conventional pictures, sans the animal heads should have them covered.

But then there’s another reason for concern if you ask Huffington Post blogger, Sara Burnett.

“In recent times, masks have been used in popular movies to symbolize for sexual neurosis and I can’t help but think of orgies and other sex acts I’ve seen portrayed on the big screen when I see animal masks used in weddings,” she writes.

Do these couples really want to give off that message with sweet old gramps around?

So we have to ask: The new animal mask trend — creepy or cute? Check out the pics below and give us your thoughts.

Images courtesy of Darren Roberts, Corinne Krogh Photography, & Teresa.k photography