Are Pole-Dancing Robots the Future for Adult Entertainment?

A Dutch company hosting a major tech event in London has made waves for hiring exotic pole-dancing robots to perform for hundreds of attendees. The robotic entertainers are on display at Inspiration Central, an eight-day exposition to celebrate the UK launch of TransIP. The event has attracted startup tech enthusiasts from across Europe.

Built out of old car parts, with CCTV cameras as heads, the robotic dancers are programmed and controlled by commands from a computer. They cost an estimated $3,830 USD to rent for the event, according to reports.

British artist and designer Giles Walker created the pair of dancing robots—initially built in 2012 for the show “Peepshow.”

“I wondered if it was possible to literally make a CCTV camera sexy using simple mechanics and by using the imagery of a pole dancer question the roles played in voyeurism,” said Walker.

Dubbed “schexy tech,” the dancers have certainly generated a huge buzz—in addition to some controversy.

In a statement, TransIP CEO Jeroen Hüpscher said:

“Here at TransIP we are all about “schexy tech.” We feel the pole dancing robots are innovative and provocative, representing our mission to inspire and intrigue UK entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts.”

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