How to Know If You’ve Had a Visitation from a Dead Relative or Friend

There has been an age-old discussion surrounding the dead and what happens to them after they’ve left their bodies.

Do we human beings live out our destinies on earth and then simply cease to exist after we’ve taken our last breaths? Do our souls depart from our bodies and head off to heaven? Or are we reborn into other bodies and live completely new lives?

I can remember a moment in time when I was about 8-years-old. Something woke me in the middle of the night. Sitting in my rocking chair was a woman dressed in clothes from the early 1900s. Beside her was a man dressed in a suit from the same time period and on the woman’s lap was a toddler. They were watching me sleep.

I sat up in my bed and blinked my eyes. They didn’t disappear. I then screamed my head off, jumped out of bed, and ran to my parent’s room down the hall. This is a moment I will never forget!

Was it a visitation or simply a figment of my imagination? And if they were indeed real souls, what the heck were they doing in my room? Could they have been my family from a past life?

I will never know, but that moment has stayed with me.

So what do the “experts” say on this topic? You’re about to find out.

What Exactly Is a “Visitation?”

According to expert Keith Ward, visitations are moments in which dead relatives connect with their living friends and family members in a room or in a dream. It is quite common for people to wake up in the middle of the night and either see the ghost of their loved one, but the most common form of communication is through extremely vivid dreams.

Are All Dreams of a Deceased Relative Visitations?

Ward explains that not all dreams are visitations. Sometimes a person misses their relative so much and/or are trying to comprehend what has happened. This can cause regular dreams to arise, in which the subconscious tries to work things out.

On the other hand, a visitation is vivid and extremely profound. Manchester Paranormal Investigations, shares that dream visitations usually contain one or more of the following attributes:

  • Your dream is extremely vivid.
  • An important message is given to you during the visitation.
  • You feel a very strong presence, unlike most dreams you have of people.
  • Physical touch is a part of your dream. This could be a hug, a touch, a person holding your hand, etc.
  • Your emotions are extremely intense. You may feel happy, sad, or angry.
  • There are very few distractions. You are wholly focused on exactly what is happening. And when you awake, you remember every detail.

This reminds me of interactions I had with my father after he died when I was 10-years-old. He would come to me in my dreams and literally tell me, “Jenny, I only have this body for a little bit of time, so pay attention.”

In my dreams, he would take me places that I can still see. One time, he took me to our favorite lake in Arizona. I remember feeling a warm breeze and his presence as I had remembered it when he was alive. Plus, I was so at peace, I tried so hard not to wake up. But eventually, his presence would fade away and the moment would be over.

Could it be that his spirit was truly taking me places or did I just have a massive imagination?

If I were to define my dreams by the above dream visitation attributes, I most definitely connected with his soul.

If They Are Indeed Real, What Do Visitations Mean?

Manchester Paranormal Investigations has concluded that there are six reasons a visitation occurs:

1. To deliver a warning. Most commonly it is a warning for their loved one to change their ways.

2. To either ask for or give forgiveness. 

3. To deliver an important message.

4. To deliver a message for another person or soul.

5. The deceased is asking for help. It is possible that their soul is trapped and needs help to move on. “Ghosts” and “hauntings” are a result of spirits being unable to move on.

6. They have malicious intent. This rarely happens, but supposedly a soul can be angry or there may even be a spirit that wants to scare a human being.

Beyond the dream world, numerous people have reported smelling the deceased, seeing them in a room, or hearing them wandering around. These moments can bring the living a combination of fear, anxiety, happiness and wonder.

If this happens to you, Ward suggests that you not be afraid. Instead, think deeply about your experience and take time to analyze why it happened. Is there changes you should make in your life? Do you have unresolved pains or anger you need to get rid of? Do you you need to forgive someone or yourself?

The universe we live in is full of mystery. Some things we can easily explain, while others we can barely comprehend. The loss of a friend or family member can be freaky and sad, but it can also lead to a whole new understanding of what it means to be a soul encased in a bag of muscles and bones.

What do you think? Does the soul live on? We’d love for you to share your thoughts and experiences.