Ariana Grande Caught on Camera Spitting & Licking Doughnuts on Display at Shop

A doughnut shop owner in Riverside is accusing Ariana Grande of spitting and licking doughnuts that were on display in the shop.Tthe catch is – there’s footage.

The sureveillance footage shows Ariana going into the store with her alleged boyfriend on the 4th of July and picking out $5 worth of doughnuts. As the sales clerk is boxing up her order, you can see the singer laughing as she sneakily spits on the pastries.

Mayra Solis, the shop employee who helped Ariana that night told CBS 2 that she was acting in a disrespectful manner. “She was just like really rude to me. She was just like, ‘I need a doughnut professional,’ and I was just like ‘OK,’” Solis said.

After Ariana spits on the second tray of doughnuts you see her nudge her friend as she excitedly jumps up and down.

In another part of the video you see Ariana react to Solis bringing out a tray of doughnuts by saying: “What the f*** is that? I hate Americans, I hate America! That’s disgusting!”

While the video is a little hard to make out and we are unsure of what exactly happened, the store owner told the news station that Ariana Grande is allowed to come back to the store, but this time they will put all the doughnuts in the case first.