WATCH: Armored Truck Spills Millions in Cash, People Go Insane

On Christmas Eve in Hong Kong, more than HK$15 million went missing after an armored truck was involved in an accident on a busy highway.

What happened next is just what you’d expect: people frantically scrambled to pick up as many banknotes as possible.

Stories like this always remind us of the 1993 film Money for Nothing, where a guy down on his luck comes across $1.2 million that fell from a truck. Instead on returning the cash, he keeps it and goes on an epic spending spree.

The South China Morning Post reports one witness saying that onlookers were just staring at the cash on the road until one person made the first move.

“There were 20 or 30 people picking up cash from the road on Christmas Eve. They looked like schoolkids who knew they were being naughty, but thought, ’this is a once in a lifetime thing’. Everyone had the same look on their face,” the witness said.

Thus far, 30 people have handed over HK$5.69 million to police, while two of them were caught trying to hide away some of it in their homes.

In total, the G4S armored truck was carrying HK$270 million, most of it in HK$500 notes, which is the equivalent of about US$65.

What would you do in this situation if you didn’t think you’d get caught?