Army Auctions Surplus Humvees to the Public

If you grew up obsessed with toy soldiers, trucks, and camo-print on everything, consider your day made. According to a Yahoo report, the Department of Defense will auction off their surplus Army-issued Humvees to the public. This marks the first time these heavy-duty vehicles have been made available to the public, instead of just being scraped.

The Defense Logistics Agency has arranged for the first auction to take place through IronPlanet’s  IronPlanet’s senior vice president, Randy Berry, said there has been a lot of interest already. “These items have been scrapped up to now,” said Berry.  “So it’s a win for the taxpayers and everybody involved here.”

The Humvees are described as being in used condition, and most were built between 1987 and 1994. The vehicles were used in service, and have each collected between 1,361 to 38,334 miles of use. Humvees are typically used as transport for troops and cargo.

According to the Army Times, there are around 4,000 vehicles to be sold, with the starting price tag of $10,000. The Humvees will be stripped down to remove “military characteristics,” meaning no body armor or mounted machine guns. For those tempted to splurge, it is noted that these are not roadworthy vehicles—no titles will be issued for them and the winners must specify the intended use for the vehicle. But even for only off-road use, for a dedicated fan of military-grade vehicles, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.