Teen’s Incredible Makeup Transformations Will Blow Your Mind

What started out as an average day at home experimenting with makeup has become a career ambition, obsession and ultimately the love of her life for 19-year-old Stephanie Fernandez. From Shreveport, Louisiana, she has become a master in using makeup to create incredible character transformations.

Fernandez started doing freelance makeup at 14 years old and continues to work with art that varies from special effects and fantasy to high fashion and beauty.

With her passion for fantasy and a creative imagination, Fernandez uses make-up to bring otherworldly creations into reality. She uses expert techniques to transform herself and create incredible looks ranging from nature-inspired to crystal-covered glam to a terrifyingly realistic representation of a bullet wound to the chest. Depending on the make-up concept it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 5 hours for Fernandez to create each look.

Fernandez told the Daily Mail, that out of all her inspirations, music is the most influential to her work.

“I hear it and I do my best to create a visual of what and how I feel because of it,” she said. “I am obviously in love with dark art!”

The artistic teen entrepreneur also works with film, photography, and mask-making, selling her mind-blowing masks online on Etsy.com.

Check out the slideshow to see some of Fernandez’s incredible makeup transformations for yourself.