Students Transform Drab Electric Towers Into Amazing Works of Art

No matter where you live, you’ve no doubt seen them: drab, grey electrical towers looming over a horizon, littering the skyline with their bleak, desolate forms. We need them to bring power to our cities, but what if there was a way to transform them into something beautiful and magnificent?

That’s exactly what three German students did by turning some boring electric towers in their community into eye-catching works of art. While light towers are typically considered an unappealing, but necessary, part of a dull urban landscape, Ail Hwang, Hae-Ryaan Jeon, and Ghung Ki Park saw colorful potential.

These art students at Klasse Löbbert in Münster, Germany had a simple idea that provided wonderful results: Fill in the metal gaps between the tower’s bars with colorful acrylic plastic. The effect is almost that of stained glass, and has been titled “Lighthouse.”

Click through the slides to see their work, and check out more of their art here.